In addition to the conference, NoirCon hosts an annual Retreat to Goodisville tour. The tour is named after Retreat from Oblivion, the first novel by David Goodis, NoirCon's patron saint and Philadelphia's hometown noir hero. Each year, either in January (to coincide with Goodis' death) or March (his birth), participants gather to tour Goodis' Philadelphia: the places he lived and the sites that inspired his novels. Highlights of the trip include a visit to Roosevelt Memorial Park to pay respects to Goodis and his family; the vacant lot in Logan where Goodis' childhood home once stood, known as The Dead Zone (or TruE ThuGs-4- Life Land, as a local graffiti landmark reads); and a trip to East Oak Lane to the house where, as an adult, Goodis wrote the majority of his novels. And what Retreat to Goodisville would be complete without a stop by Port Richmond Books for snacks, libations, and, what else, books?

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